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Microsoft: Taking the Initiative since 1975

Mission Statement

Microsoft has always been a company open to innovation, seeking new opportunities from every angle of the enterprise and personal computer industry. The creator, Bill Gates, tailored the strategy of Microsoft in the mid-1990s to state:

"We look for opportunities with network externalities—where there are advantages to the vast majority of consumers to share a common standard." (Yoffie 1)

With this mission statement guiding Microsoft through the end of the 1990's and the beginning of a new century, the company capitalized on the changing business environment. An environment with continuous technological advances. In 2001, Microsoft launched their .NET Framework in an attempt to create such a common standard across multiple platforms. From the Microsoft 2005 case, group DOTPolka has chosen to focus on .NET, specifically its role as a web service for developers and in the software industry. In addition, we will focus on its recent development since 2005.

Who wouldn't want to go behind the Scenes of the internet?

The .NET Framework portion of the case caught DOTPolka's attention because of its widespread use and innovation. The idea of an operating system for the internet baffles many people, inspiring curiosity. Everyone uses the Internet and interacts from their home computers, work computers, mobile devices etc. With so many different devices, programs, languages, codes, and other forms of communication between devices, a bridge is needed to ensure smooth interaction. One example of such a bridge is known as middleware, which operates between an operating system and application.

.NETs innovative structure and unique framework set it apart from many other Microsoft projects. With the advent of the Internet, Microsoft was able to jump right into the competitive arena of web services. Its technique to focus on a new, integrated approach to help provide a more consistent language for the internet that included security features differentiated it from other web services.

Web services such as .NET are necessary for a smooth internet experience. In the business world, communication across different types of platforms is crucial to success, especially as with the rapid speed of globalization among industries and economies. Thus, it is important to learn about web services, particularly .NET because it is among the top two in the industry, along with IBM's JAVA.

Understanding the framework of .NET was essential in understanding this OS for the internet. However, DOTPolkas main concern was:

  • What advantages does .NET exhibit for programmers?
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