From Version 1.0 to Upgrade to Version 3.5

Since Microsfot's release of .NET 1.0 in 2001, there have been many improvements made along the road. Below is a diagram that broadly describes the different version updates.

Reasons for Upgrades due to changing fitness landscape

  • As the internet became more prominent in enterprise environments and personal life-styles, security became more of an issue among web users. Web users who were initially solely concerned with the threats inflicted by their own personal desktop computer were now victims of the entire internet society. Specifically, corporations using applications to manage confidential data were extremely concerned with security mechanisms. A major benefit resulting from the 1.1 upgrade of 1.0 (2003)was the security improvements and implementation of Code Access Security in all applications (Bradbury 24).
  • The 3.0 version (2005) made many improvements including the .NET Compact Framework which enables computability for devices such as smart phones, portable digital assistants, etc.
  • The 3.5 version version (2008) included new language features for the Integrated Language compiler, broadening the possible language options for programming developers
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